Turbo Atomizer Sprayers are used for all kinds of double-rows of trees, orchards, vineyards, beets, cotton, tobacco and gardens 

Attached to tractor by three point linkage system and driven by 540 rpm PTO.

Produced from strengthened fiberglass or polyethylene plastic tanks optionally.

Pump is operated by power takeoff from tractor conveys pressuring pesticide to nozzles on fan. 

Pressured chemical liquid is sprayed by adjustable nozzles around the fan by air circulation and any kind of tree can be  disinfected. 

By setting the angle and direction or by changing the plaque the nozzle on the fan, spraying distance and amount can be adjusted.

Single side and double side spraying can be adjusted by the distributor valve on the regulator 

The air flow can be controlled by setting the direction of the propeller fan. 

Turbo fan can mist to approximately 8-12 mt high.

V Type, Robot Head or Canon head fan models are available.


Technical Specifications
GSP 1000TA
GSP 1600TA
GSP 2000TA
Capacity (lt) 1000 1600 2000
Pump Type​ 105 Membrane Pump 105 Membrane Pump 105 Membrane Pump
Flow Rate (l/min) 105 105 105
Pressure (bar) 50 50 50
Rotation (rev/min) 540 540 540
Width (mm) 1450 1650 1650
Length (mm)​ 2900 3150 3250
Height (mm) 2050 1050 1350
Weight (kg)​ 295 480 540
Misting Distance (mt) 8-12 8-12 8-12
Necessary Power  (hp/kw) 13 13 13
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